Granuflex: Fitness Home


Fitness floor HOME basic - 15mm.

The most diverse requirements are placed on floors in fitness rooms. These must not only be able to take a beating, but also dampen the sound. A beautiful appearance is of course a must. Granuflex's recyclable, environmentally friendly fitness floors are true silent forces and specially developed for the professional market. From a beautiful floor in the dumbbell room to optimal cushioning in your crossfit room. Granuflex has a wide range in which all products excel in wear-resistant, shock and sound-absorbing properties. This product meets the requirements of the REACH regulation EU 1907/2006. This product is not suitable for regular skin contact and / or use as a playground tile in playgrounds in accordance with ANNEX XVII Entry 50.5 of the Reach regulation.

Installation and maintenance

Installation of Granuflex fitness floors is very easy. The fitness floors can be used indoors and outdoors. Cleaning the floor can be done with a brush and water with a neutral cleaning soap.

The advantages at a glance:

• Anti-slip, even on wet surfaces
• Sound and vibration damping
• Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
• Heat conductivity 0.14 W.m2K
• 100% recyclable

Product photo (s)

Technical data

Article number: 226ZWA015M1050FH
Dimensions (lxwx thickness): 500x500x15 mm
HIC value / fall height: mtr
Size tolerance length: +/- 1.5%
Size tolerance thickness: +/- 8%
Weight: 3.3 kg / m 2
Weight tolerance: +/- 5%
Type of top: Flat
Bottom type: Flat
Pin / hole connection: No
Fire behavior EN13501-1: E
Warranty period: 2 years